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Signature Range

Shampoos & Conditioners

Nourishing Replenishes lost moisture and assists in repair, whilst protecting, conditioning & adding shine
Hydrating Protects coloured hair, reducing fade.
Body.n.Shine Strengthens the hair fibre whilst Marine nutrients improve thickness, add texture & shine.
NAK Structure Complex Rescues and repairs chemically treated, dry or damaged hair after chemical change.
Dandruff Control gently soothes and cleanses problem scalps & helps kontrol and combat dandruff.
Ultimate Cleanse designed to deeply cleanse, purify and revitalise the hair and scalp.
Colour Masque Shampoo Designed for refreshing coloured hair
Colour Masque Coloured Conditioners A luxurious colour story that boosts colour vibrancy and prevents colour fade.
Daily Detox Shampoo Engineered for all hair types and grooming zones - Scalp, Hair, Beard, Body.
Dry Klean A gentle cleansing weightless powder that will refresh and revitalise your scalp and hair without water.