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Colour Fix

colour fix normal: Instantly protects colour whilst imparting shine and strength. 

sulphate free . paraben free . nourish . repair 


colour fix blonde: Eliminates unwanted brassy or yellow tones. 

sulphate free . paraben free . nourish . tone 


colour fix blonde plus (extra toning): Neutralises excessive yellow or brassy tones. 

sulphate free . paraben free . tone . moisturise 

Product sizes: 30ml

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How to use

Turn the cap clockwise to activate the special 2-phase formula and shake well. turn the cap anti-clockwise to open nozzle, apply to clean towel-dried hair and leave-in, do not rinse out. 


instantly smoothes, seals and imparts shine to all damaged, dehydrated hair / reconstructs chemical bonds within the hair, protecting the cuticle from further damage / helps lock-in colour, reducing colour fade for long lasting results / restores moisture and condition, ideal for colour maintenance / controls damage, reducing flyaways. 

Recommended For

colour fix normal: Designed for colour treated, damaged or dry hair 

colour fix blonde: Designed for blonde, highlighted, chemically lightened or grey hair 

colour fix blonde plus (extra toning): Designed for blonde, highlighted or chemically lightened

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